About The Copenhagen-Somali Seminar

The Copenhagen-Somali Seminar is a new forum for advanced debate and event making focusing on the cultural, economic and social reality of Somalis in the current world. 

Our first activity is the seminar and cultural event Practicing Art as Politics. On the potential of Somali culture in current globalisation – The 1st Copenhagen-Somali Seminar.




In the coming years we hope to establish a venue for initiatives which not only deal with the reality of Somalis in The Horn of Africa and throughout the diaspora, but portray this reality as an interesting opportunity for anyone interested in globalization and the social world that follows from it.

Somalis have been living through an intense crisis for the last 30 years, following the failure of postcolonial Somalia. But the process has also shown the resilience of Somalis to turn their predicaments into a redefinition of themselves which today is of interest to the global community .

Working and living across the diaspora and the Horn of Africa – from The Persian Gulf to North America – Somalis today show the world successes such as Africa’s best kept secret, the democracy of Somaliland. But most importantly, Somalis are a cosmopolitic actor in a burgeoning world society evolving out of transformative processes that redefine life for anyone on this planet.

We hope in this forum to make a serious contribution to the understanding of the global reality of Somalis that we may all relate to and we hope to do it in a way which is of interest to Somalis and non-Somalis, old and young, fun and focused, broad and qualified – join us in the coming years, in this forum and beyond.


The Copenhagen-Somali Seminar


The seminar is organized by The Copenhagen-Somali Seminar (Abdulkadir Osman Farah, Mahad Farah Aden, Anders Michelsen and Martin el-Toukhy) in collaboration with Network for Migration and Culture, University of Copenhagen; Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen; Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University; Centre for Advanced Migration Studies, University of Copenhagen and Academy for Peace and Development, Somaliland. Supported and funded by Centre for Culture and Development (CKU), Danida, Network for Migration and Culture, University of Copenhagen; University of Copenhagen; Aalborg University; The Somali Diaspora Organisation and Dahabshiil.

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